Meeting the Needs of the Dynamic Meeting Room

In the days of old, people in suits used to meet at a boardroom table to update each other on their work. Including a remote colleague meant setting a conference phone on the table for in-person participants to huddle around.

As work evolved, interconnected teams demanded greater collaboration and interaction. Teams became more dispersed and remote work pushed the limits of what workers wanted (and needed) to accomplish in group meeting spaces. Investments in UCC technologies, mostly focused on video conferencing and data sharing, helped; although everyone still had to sit at the table with a similar conference phone, and the quality of voice did not improve.

Today, teams are incredibly dynamic. Spaces where they gather take many forms, including traditional boardroom meetings, audio conferences, presentations, scrum stand-ups, and dynamic brainstorming and collaboration sessions. In every case, for an effective outcome, it’s critical that remote team members are not relegated to second-class attendees. 

Register for this webinar and explore the trends shaping the way work gets done today. Gain expert insight from Phil Edholm and David Martin, who will discuss how picking the right audio technology can make all the difference in keeping remote participants feeling like they're part of the team. 

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