5 Ways 5G Will Change UCaaS

With the change to hybrid and remote workforces, it's clear that connectivity is more essential today than ever before. 5G entering the market is going to have a massive impact on how businesses operate. It's estimated that 5G will be up to 100 times faster than current 4G technology. And a typical 5G network will support millions of devices per square mile.

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Organizations slow to adopt 5G will quickly be outpaced by their competition. For industries inherently tied to internet connectivity, such as UCaaS, this change is particularly exciting. Speakers DJ Gillit and Dave Michels come together in a fireside chat to discuss the significant impact 5G will have on the UCaaS industry. The predicted five notable changes include:

  • The Mobile-First Debate Ends
  • Collaboration Will Improve
  • An Always-Connected World
  • Digital Transformation Will Accelerate
  • Traditional Workday is Obliterated


Featured Speakers

  • Dave Michels
    Dave Michels
    Principal Analyst and Founder

    Dave Michels is the Principal Analyst and Founder of TalkingPointz. He has extensive experience with all levels of the enterprise communications industry. Dave works with global providers, public and private investors and other industry participants (channels and consultants) to provide insights and guidance about the industry and how industry offerings transform enterprise workflow and collaboration. Dave closely monitors industry news and trends, and shares insightful commentary and analysis in his posts and reports on TalkingPointz. Additionally, Dave contributes to many industry sites, presents regularly at industry events, and provides advisory services to industry stakeholders. The Director of the Innovation Showcase at Direct Connect, Dave is required to be current on all things enterprise communications. Those who need to know appreciate his breadth and depth of knowledge as well as his NO-BS (and no ads) style! Dave started out in the technical organizations of end user companies prior to starting Buffalo Communications, a VAR, which he sold in 2010. Over the last 10 years, Dave has focused his efforts on TalkingPointz and its irreverent, incisive take on the industry. Dave and Talkingpointz.com has become one of the most influential and often-quoted, linked content sources in the enterprise communications industry. Dave holds a Master’s Degree in Telecommunications from University of Colorado. He lives in Boulder. Follow him on [email protected]

  • DJ Gillit
    DJ Gillit
    Head of T-Mobile

    With a background in Sales Engineering, DJ has been with Dialpad since 2017. In just a handful of years, DJ has grown within Dialpad's organization and has been a leader in the T-Mobile & Dialpad partnership.

  • Beth Schultz
    Beth Schultz
    Program Co-Chair of Enterprise Connect
    Editor in Chief of No Jitter

    Beth Schultz is Program Co-Chair of Enterprise Connect, the leading conference/exhibition and online events brand in the enterprise communications industry, and Editor in Chief of No Jitter, the Enterprise Connect community’s daily news and analysis media site. She has more than three decades of experience as an IT writer and editor, including as the founding editor in chief for UBM Tech's AllAnalytics.com, an editorial site for analytics, IT, and business professionals, and longtime editor at Network World, where she oversaw multimedia content development, writing and editing for special feature packages focused on advanced IT technology and its impact on business users. Over the years, she has earned more than a dozen national and regional editorial excellence awards for special issues from American Business Media, American Society of Business Press Editors, Folio.net, and others

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