How to Make Your Phone Calls Prosper in a World of Scammers and Spam Blockers

Reaching customers over the phone is hard. Legitimate business calls are battling for attention with waves of scam and spam calls also trying to reach the same people. On top of that, scammers are impersonating the traits of legitimate business calls, or even the well-known brands themselves in order to trick victims out of their hard earned money. As a result, consumers have a hard time knowing which calls to pick up and who to trust. Carriers are fighting back against spam and fraud with increasingly sophisticated call protection systems, unfortunately, this means that legitimate businesses can be caught in the crossfire and get labeled as spam.

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Fortunately, there are practices that can help ensure you get the most out of your calling efforts. Join an industry-leading UC security expert, together with subject matter experts from call spam and identification service Hiya for an in-depth rundown on:

  • How the illegal caller industry operates
  • How spam detection services work
  • Ways to make sure your calls aren’t flagged as spam
  • And ways to make sure your call recipients don’t think the call is spam!

Featured Speakers

  • Sorell Slaymaker
    Sorell Slaymaker
    Principal Consulting Analyst
    TechVision Research

    Sorell Slaymaker has 30 years of experience designing, building, securing, and operating IP networks and the communication services that run across them. His mission is to help make communication easier, cheaper and more secure since he believes that the more we communicate, the better we are. Prior to joining TechVision Research, Sorell was an Evangelist for 128 Technology which is a routing and security software company. Prior to that, Sorell was a Gartner analyst covering enterprise networking, security, and communications.

  • Jonathan Nelson
    Jonathan Nelson
    Director of Product Management

    As Director of Product Management at Hiya, Jonathan oversees Hiya's caller ID data intelligence, including both person/business identification and spam call detection. His team works with billions of data points globally every day to provide the most accurate caller information and protection against unwanted caller adversaries. Jonathan’s background in the computer security/hacking space gives him unique insight into the mindset of a scammer, while his professional experience allows that mindset to be applied to all of Hiya's services. He is also an active member of the ATIS IP-NNI task force working against call spoofing. Jonathan studied Computer Science at Montana State University and the University of Washington.

  • Eric Krapf
    Eric Krapf
    GM & Program Co-Chair, Enterprise Connect
    Publisher, No Jitter

    Eric Krapf is General Manager and Program Co-Chair for Enterprise Connect, the leading conference/exhibition and online events brand in the enterprise communications industry. He has been Enterprise Connect’s Program Co-Chair for over a decade. He is also publisher of No Jitter, the Enterprise Connect community’s daily news and analysis website. Eric served as editor of No Jitter from its founding in 2007 until taking over as publisher in 2015. From 1996 to 2004, Eric was managing editor of Business Communications Review (BCR) magazine, and from 2004 to 2007, he was the magazine's editor. Before coming to BCR, he was managing editor and senior editor of America's Network magazine, covering the public telecommunications industry. Prior to working in high-tech journalism, he was a reporter and editor at newspapers in Connecticut and Texas.

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