Contact Centers 2020: Driving Innovation in Customer Experience

Contact centers have long been at the leading edge of innovation in communications technology, given their promise of measurable ROI and the continual need to optimize customer interactions and stay ahead of competitors. This reality will continue through 2020 and beyond—but what exactly might the innovative contact center of the future look like? What is bleeding-edge today but destined to be an essential component of contact centers by 2020? 

In this webinar, discover what trends leading contact center expert Sheila McGee-Smith believes will shape the contact center over the next three years. Sheila will discuss how trends like cloud and analytics will mature and continue to change, and which of today's emerging trends will become more widespread.

This intensive half-hour will help you envision the roadmap for your contact center over the next three years and beyond. You'll learn about: 

  • The likelihood that your contact center will be in the cloud by 2020, if it isn't already
  • How the relationship among your core communications, contact center, and CRM systems is likely to shift by 2020
  • How to start planning now for the incorporation of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things into your customer care operation by 2020
On Demand
0h 30min

Featured Speakers

  • Sheila McGee-Smith
    Sheila McGee-Smith
    Founder and Principal Analyst
    McGee-Smith Analytics

    Sheila McGee-Smith is a leading communications industry analyst and strategic consultant with a proven track record in new product development, competitive assessment, market research, and sales strategies for communications solutions and services. Her insight helps enterprises and solution providers develop strategies to meet the escalating demands of today's consumer and business customers.

  • Michelle Burbick
    Michelle Burbick
    Associate Editor, No Jitter;
    Program Coordinator, Enterprise Connect

    Michelle Burbick is the Associate Editor and a blogger for No Jitter, UBM Tech's online community for news and analysis of the enterprise convergence/unified communications industry. In addition to writing, editing, and managing No Jitter, Michelle also serves the role of Program Coordinator for its affiliated industry event, Enterprise Connect, the largest independent conference and exposition devoted to the enterprise communications industry. Prior to coming to No Jitter, Michelle worked as a writer and editor, producing content for technology companies for several years. In an agency environment, she worked with companies in the unified communications, data storage and IT security industries, and has developed content for some of the most prominent companies in the technology sector.

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